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T0224SW.THUMBCRUGFINE.M  Classic German brown saltglazed stoneware thumb-based handled widemouth bottle c1500, raised inside base, annular turning ribs showing throughout baluster body, going intoa short tapering neck going through an out-turned handle collar, finishing in a wide mouth. Good handle applied well to body and neck. Overal warm grey/brown colour with light speckling  and a variety of light touch marks and kiln marjs, small surface glaze losses and tiny manufacturing fissures. Foreign body burst to part of thumbed base but barely affecting the form. Very minor usage glaze nibbling to mouth, and sliver off edge of handle upper. Overall an excellent original unmessed about crug of the exact style found on the Mary Rose, Henry VIII's flagship wreck. 6 1/4"high, 4"diameter. £0

Thumb based Tudor c1500 bottle

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