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R1002SW.BELLSTONED.M   Striking crude brown salltglaze stoneware bellarmine c1600, with overall tigerglaze, dark brown spcckled over warm grey and buff underbody, with kiln and touchmarks, wide roughlywirecut base squat bulbous lopsided body with short wide neck, crude but prominent bearded facemask without emotion, over large tall oval belly medallion showing shield and coat of arms for Amsterdam. Bold large heavy handle to rear and wide cordoned mouth. Restoration over approx 1/5th including handle and neck above face, approx 3" diameter area to right shoulder and approx  2 1/2"diameter area to rear above base. Displays well and great drunken character with a very glazed expression! 8 1/8"high, 5 3/4"diameter an early and great looking bellarmine at a budget price £285  Held for re-restoration....

Totally stoned Bellarmine Amsterdam CofA

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