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P1103M.WROCKWARDJUG.M   Freeblown very crudely blown and blowpipe pontilled early black glass Nailsea or Nailsea style with white enamel mixed in swirling horizontally streaks and spots c.1780 - c.1800 Serving Bottle/jug which is one of the nicer examples of Wrockwardine. Shallow kickup with large blowpipe pontil, sagged base and generally conical body into short flaring mouth with pouring lip. Very crude handle with crude flickbacked tail at lower end applied to neck/lip area and upper body. Dark olive green black glass with white & pink streaks and Spots. A few white spots on the body and base have burst on the outer surface  but could easily be polished out.  5 1/2"high, 4"diameter.   £225

Wrockwardine (Nailsea style) handled jug 1800

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